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Earn Extra Money In Summer Mixed Media Art Classes

Are you doing this to save cash this summer for something special or wonderful adventure? Well, if this sounds like you, you want to make extra money this summer and you are a professional artist that has a college degree then pursue it. Offer independent art classes to make extra money or make a difference in the lives of those in your community. This article will help you with helpful and informative information that might help you setting up your art program.Teaching art program may be very rewarding especially when students are eager and hungry to the knowledge. There is a lot to consider when you are planning a summer art program. Don’t think it’s easy and don’t assume that it’s fast money. Remember depending on the age group of your students your art programs may be simple or intensive. You are the instructor or professor that should give inspiration, motivation regarding how to draw, paint or sculpt. Spread the joy of the arts by sharing your skills and connecting with other people.

Here is a few information you should consider when organizing your art program/classes.1. First determine age group of the students.2. How many students will you take in your class? Would you like a limited or big class?3. What level of art program would you like to teach? Art programs ranges from beginners, art therapy experience or advanced programs.4. Decide which kind of art program you will teach for instance watercolor painting, oil painting, painting, charcoal pottery or sculpting. This information is essential because it can help you create your lesson plan.5. Find a location for your summer art program. Start to look for reasonable vacant spaces within your local neighborhood or community centers.6. If you are teaching art programs for special facilities like children and adult hospitals, nursing home, high school or studio you don’t need to find a location. The facility will be given for you.7. If you’re teaching in your house, purchase drop cloths, easels and various other basic supplies.8. Determine the tuition fee of your art class by adding all of the expenditures including your time, location and supplies.

9. Plan each class session beforehand.10. Put together materials needed for every class in a huge plastic bin.11. Print out material you will provide to students.12. Prepare examples to display students so that they know what kind of finished art project they should strive for.Now, you know the basic information you need to generate extra money by teaching mixed media art classes during summer. If you read the list very carefully, you will notice that teaching art class or creating an art program is not hard. It’s all some kind of planning and understanding the type of art subject you wish to teach. Enjoy!